Nettles and roses

Nettles and roses was translated from the original Portuguese book Salada de flores.

This picture book invites us to spend a day with four children at an organic farm.
Sarah’s friends live in flats and are very surprised when they discover the wonder and magic of the plant world. They learn about plant companions, plant families and their Latin names, and realize their resemblance to people.
The four friends discover nettles and all their uses, learn how to make compost and the advantages of not applying chemical fertilizers. They discover the meaning of conservation and biodiversity, the uses of some medicinal plants, and the great importance of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and earthworms.
Before going home they delight themselves with a special picnic of local, homemade organic goodies, like elderflower juice, honeysuckle pancakes and a tasty salad with flowers.
They promise to return in the autumn to learn more, and bring their parents to try Sarah’s mum delicious nettle soup.

Twelve pages of watercolour botanical illustrations are well worth the value of this story written with care, dedication, and botanical and herbal knowledge. The book is recommended for children from the age of seven, as well as adults of any age that are willing to go a bit deeper into the practice of an organic way of living.

Nettles and roses includes six easy-to-make recipes using edible flowers as ingredients.
Listing the properties and medicinal uses of several plants, the book features a helpful guide specially conceived for both parents and teachers.
Illustrated by SARA SIMÕES
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 295 x 215 mm
ISBN: 978-972-576-614-9


Book presentation by the publisher: In English / In Portughese

How to buy the book:
To order this book please contact either the author Fernanda Botelho (fernandatojeira[at]gmail[dot]com) or the publisher Dinalivro (comercial[at]dinalivro[dot]com).
Nettles and roses is also available in the online shop Bookhouse.

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